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Through The Boros is the most authentic NYC arts & culture blog.​

Having been born and raised here in New York City, we've been constantly exposed to all the great things (and not so great things) the city has to offer. 

Because we've never known anything else, it's so easy for us to take the city for granted. We got tired of people who've just moved in to the city telling us what it meant to be from New York.

If anyone is going to tell the story of New York City, have it be people who know what it means to be a true New Yorker. Those who have experienced the rapid changes the city has gone through and have adapted along with it. 

There's so much to love about the city and we want to tell the true stories of people living here. The highs and the lows. 

Though The Boros is about all things NYC

Sounds Like NYC showcases NYC artists and art.

Looks Like NYC spotlights the NYC beauty and fashion scene.

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