• David Lozada

Alberto Martinez│Sounds Like NYC Episode #010

On Episode #010 of Sounds Like NYC, David Lozada got to sit down with NYC filmmaker Alberto Martinez. Coming from historic Astoria, Alberto works to tell inspiring and experimental stories with his art form.

Alberto’s newest work, Gods of Perdition is a horror film visually inspired by Dario Argento’s and Japanese Yokai movies. Alberto tries to tackle the subject of parental alienation with this film and so far it has been well received, even going as far as being selected as the feature film for Flushing, Queens’ Creepy Freaky Film Festival.

I think when you’re comfortable in your settings when you’re creating something, yeah it’s going to be a complete reflection of you… I always wondered if I were to go really professional with this and blow up, how would it change for me? – Alberto Martinez

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