• David Lozada

James Scott│Sounds Like NYC Ep. #014

On Episode #014 of Sounds Like NYC, David Lozada got to sit down with NYC native James Scott.

Electronic/ R&B artist James Scott is a Bronx, NY native with Honduran roots began his music career as a background singer/songwriter for a local studio producer Yala, in the Bronx.

As James progressed rapidly, he dropped out of college & branched off to start working on his solo project. Balancing life, figuring out the world, lost in love & searching for his own sound & self, James put together his forthcoming project “BOYs HURT too”.

Working alongside: b*star, Dom Stone, ViKO, APSP, Rhome, Sammy Affer, John Hunter, Justin McElderry, James brings his emotions to the forefront and show his vulnerability & that its okay to show how you feel, it isn’t weakness, we’re all human and we hurt and need to be comfortable with ourselves.

BOYs HURT too was released December 2017

Follow James Here: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/edwinxarzu Music: https://www.gate.fm/ztpGK5V

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