• David Lozada

Black Suit Youth│Sounds Like NYC Ep. #027

On Episode 27 of Sounds Like NYC, I got to sit down with Black Suit Youth, a rock n’ roll band out of Long Island, NY.

“Black Suit Youth is a high energy, alternative/ post-punk rock band from Long Island, New York. Formed in 2004 under the original name The New York Dynamite, the band recorded their debut EP with burgeoning producer Tomas Costanza (Diffuser, Band Camp, Disney artists). The “Dynamite” spent the next two years touring the East Coast and Mid-West incessantly in support of the EP.

Months on the road transformed the band into a cohesive unit and a punishing live act. While on tour and at home they sold over 1,000 copies of their debut CD-R EP.

The year 2007 brought with it a name change and a new album. In summer 2007, the band, now called Black Suit Youth, released “Our Future is History”. The record featured six explosive new tracks spliced with the former six-song EP. The album was released on ITUNES on November 13th. Black Suit Youth booked a late summer tour to support the record. They stormed venues from Boston to Chicago, making fans, making friends and selling trunks full of BSY merchandise along the way.

BLACK SUIT YOUTH – “STALKING IN MEMPHIS” – OFFICIAL VIDEO:  https://www.facebook.com/BlackSuitYouth/videos/249553859267614

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