• David Lozada

Anik Dufresne│Sounds Like NYC Ep. #030

On Episode 30 of Sounds Like NYC, I got to sit down with Anik Dufresne, a bassist coming out of Canada and living in NYC!

Anik Dufresne aka Riot Girl was born and raised in Montreal Canada! Ageless and fearless, Anik loves to play live and learn about NYC and its music scene (having only moved here since 2015). Writing songs in both English and French has helped Anik play with many bands of all genres (metal, indie/pop/rock alternative), both originals and covers.

Anik has had a few all-girl bands and played at many venues including The Bovine Sex Club in Toronto and many local bars in Montreal, New York, and New Jersey.

I don’t care if I’d play bass for a band or solo artist already established since I consider myself more of a bass player than a singer but to do both and succeed with my own songs would be a dream come true. – Anik Dufrense

Watch BloodStone Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzMSuHgtNQg

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