• David Lozada

Ananth Sundara│Sounds Like NYC Ep. #037

On Episode 37 of Sounds Like NYC, I got to sit down with Ananth Sundara. A musician with an extensive background as a live/recording musician and composer.

Ananth is very much steeped in blues and jazz but has come to focus recently on extending his music for visual content.

He is also a part of Sonic Theater, an all-encompassing Music Composing firm – that crafts a sonic palette to any visual brand or expression, with a foundation of more than 10 years in an extensive progression of styles and attributes.

Dipped in the sophistication of jazz, the relevant rhythms of hip-hop, and the infinite textures of stylistic voicings and phrasings – the value that Sonic theater brings is the consistency of a custom-fitted Musical Sonic library to any project.

From songwriting to orchestrations, to instrumentals, to music catalogs.

Follow Ananth Sundara Here: Website: http://www.sonictheater.com Email: INFO@SONICTHEATER.COM


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