• David Lozada

Nihil Admirari│Sounds Like NYC Ep. #038

On Episode 38 of Sounds Like NYC, I got to sit down with Nihil Admirari, a local multilingual multicultural alternative rock band with a sound built on rock, punk, and metal.

“Nihil Admirari” is Latin for “to expect nothing.” So it’s fitting that they are a rock band that plays whatever they feel like playing.

They take influences from all sorts of genres to shape their very distinctive sound.

Follow Nihil Admirari Here: Website: Nihiladmirari.com Facebook: fb.me/nihiladmirariband Instagram: Instagram.com/nihiladmirariband Twitter: Twitter.com/nihiladmirariny SoundCloud: Soundcloud.com/nihiladmirariband Youtube: https://www.Youtube.com/channel/UCJplK4eaSZIBf_ZUg_FXhLA


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