• David Lozada

How to Collaborate with Other Musicians: Stallion Dunquis - Sounds Like NYC Ep. #054

On this episode of Sounds Like NYC, we sat down with New York City based singer and modern composer Stallion Dunquis.

His recording output thus far showcases a handful of genres including R&B/soul, hip-hop, Latin, indie, garage rock, and folk.

Stallion has had a lot of experience collaborating with other musicians, both in the city and overseas. With photographer wife Estefanía, Stallion knows what it's like to balance art with a partner.

NYC has made Stallion Dunquis be more practical with his art, which is quite the endeavor in itself. As many artists do, he himself struggles with perfectionism as a musician but has had to move past that as he's gone from playing with a full band to solo musician.

Stallion debuted his song "Freeling" alongside a cover of "Fly Me to the Moon" at a Sofar Sounds NYC live performance. Stallion lists Jean-Michel Basquiat as a main influence on his attitude towards music.

Previously, Stallion's poetry has been published in multiple literary journals in the U.S. and U.K., including The Wire's Dream Magazine, Porridge Magazine, Punch Drunk Press, and BlazeVOX Journal.

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