• David Lozada

How Does a Musician Find Their Sound: Abbie Roper - Sounds Like NYC Ep. #055

On episode 55 of Sounds Like NYC, we got the chance to chat with Brooklyn based indie rock artist Abbie Roper.

Originally going to college for business, Abbie attended a music program her school offered in Nashville for a semester.

This artist bootcamp made her realize her potential as a musician. Primarily an acoustic guitarist, this program pushed her out of her comfort zone as a musician and found her sound with some more rock-y music.

In the last year, Abbie has performed in many venues in the city including Rockwood Music Hall, The Delancey, The Bitter End and Pianos.

Using her Christian background and experience with God as inspirations for her music, she describes making her music as a spiritual experience.

Abbie Roper's newest single, "i want to destroy" is out now!

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