• David Lozada

Why Musicians Need TikTok: BABYBOYBLUE - Sounds Like NYC Ep. #056

On episode 56 Sounds Like NYC, we sat down with New York City/NJ based producer BABYBOYBLUE. We talked about the uselessness of studying audio engineering in school, how important TikTok is to the modern musical artist and the origin of his very unique producer name.

BABYBOYBLUE (also known as Liam Reyes) is a Filipino-American Music Producer/Artist. Starting from producing for friends in high school and following his desire to learn more about audio engineering in college, he soon became disillusioned with that college as an institution and decided to pursue his career through a path that didn't include getting a degree.

Liam has produced, engineered, mixed and mastered music for artists all across the world ranging from many different genres such as Indie Pop, Hip-hop, Rock/Punk and Electronic.

A few big upcoming artists he has produced for include Rachel Bochner, Amanda Yang, Bianca Jolyn , Chrissie Límos, Delly Flay, Chris and Bri, Kayla Hang, Justin Magnaye, and many more.

Recently BABYBOYBLUE has also launched a limited release clothing line under the name PEACHES.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/boybluebaby

TikTok: tiktok.com/@boybluebaby

Clothing Line: https://lrhqproductions.com

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