• David Lozada

Fighting 2020 with "2020": Paytra - Sounds Like NYC: Ep. #066

On episode 66 of Sounds Like NYC we talk with pop musician Paytra about growing up moving to NYC by herself as a 16 year old, the importance of knowing the business side of the music industry and how being of a mixed heritage has shaped her outlook on life.

At the age of sixteen, Paytra took the risk of a lifetime and packed up her belongings, heading to Brooklyn, New York by herself. It was here where she honed her skill of teaching piano that allowed her to save up money to self-fund her career as an independent artist.

Since then, Paytra has been featured on MTV, Womanly magazine, Vlad TV, and Sirius XM’s Shade 45 radio. Her music has been heard across the world, being placed in over 150 playlists on Spotify and featured on Glits Magazine Mexico and 2-E3 Magazine China. From Detroit Pride to Orlando’s Disney World, Paytra has toured the country performing hard-hitting tracks that exudes confidence and her love for life while embracing the idea of non-traditional beauty. 

Paytra's Instagram: @Paytra_

Website: PaytraMusic.com

Listen to Payta’s Music:


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