• David Lozada

How To Become A Professional Photographer at 21: Stefan Bunbury- Sounds Like NYC: Ep. #068

On episode 68 of Sounds Like NYC we talk with photographer and cinematographer Stefan Bunbury about age discrimination as a young professional, the COVID-19 lock-down helping him further his career and the life as a professional in NYC.

"My name is Stefan Bunbury and I am a New York City based professional photographer/filmmaker. I specialize in a wide range of photography/videography and have always loved capturing moments in time through imagery and video. My ultimate goal as a photographer and filmmaker is to create quality content that truly reveals the beauty, grace, or enthusiasm of the subject that I am capturing at any given moment. I am blessed to work with such wonderful people each day as I help create their own unique vision, and I look forward to working with you as well!"

Stefan's Instagram and Website:

Instagram: @StefanBunbury


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