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MTA’s Trains got Tagged, ASAP Rocky/Rihanna dating, & Goodbye Radio Disney - SLNYC News Ep. 004

On this episode of Sounds Like NYC news we talk about the 24 MTA trains that got tagged, Lil Uzi Vert’s response to Rhianna and ASAP Rocky dating, one of NYC’s top jazz clubs unfortunately closing, the shutting down of Radio Disney, and SiriusXM’s new collaboration with 88rising.

24 Train Cars Tagged In Subway Graffiti Makeover This Weekend

24 train cars across the city were tagged by graffiti artists last weekend on the G, M, 1, 6 and S lines, seemingly by graffiti artists taking advantage of overnight subway service being suspend between 1am and 5 am

According to Bad Guy Joe, the founder of LTV Squad, a group dedicated to exploring and documenting abandoned and underground sites in NYC, because law enforcement is down, taggers are more bold compared to a few years ago.

Jazz Standard, One Of New York's Top Clubs, Closes Due To Pandemic

Jazz Standard, a Jazz venue located on 116 E 27th Street has unfortunately become another casualty in the wave of venues closing in NYC, being the first first major jazz club in the city to close permanently due to COVID

The club first opened in 1997, but was re-opened in 2002 following the aftermath of 9/11. Both the club and the restaurant above it are owned by Danny Meyer and his Union Square Hospitality Group.

In an announcement on Wednesday, Meyer and the owners wrote: "We have explored every avenue to arrive at a different outcome, but due to the pandemic and months without revenue — as well as a lengthy rent negotiation that has come to a standstill — we've reached the disappointing conclusion that there is no alternative but to close Jazz Standard and Blue Smoke Flatiron. The current situation surrounding the pandemic, including the regulations for restaurants and live music, make it impossible to maintain our quality and continue to 'set the standard.'".

Despite the closing, they also expressed hopes of continuing the legacy the club, and in the meantime virtual performances and interviews under the Jazz Standard name will continue to be created

Lil Uzi Vert Seems Upset by ASAP Rocky and Rihanna Dating Report

Following reports circulating on the internet this week that Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are officially dating, Lil Uzi Vert has shared his thoughts about his heartbreak over this.

On (Dec. 3), after videos and photos surfaced online of Rihana and Rocky roaming around NYC, Uzi shared of one of the photos, expressing his shock, captioned with the words “cant be true”

additionally , it appears he also unfollowed Rihanna on instagram, the only person he followed up until now

Rumors, which now appear to have been true, of RiRI and Rock dating trace all the way back to January, being bolstered by their GQ interview back in August.

Radio Disney/SiriusXM and 88rising

it has recently be announced that Radio Disney will soon be shutting down, but on the other hand SiriusXM will launch an all asian music radio station in collaboration with 88rising, an asian centric music ands media company

On Thursday Disney announced that Radio Disney will be shutting down, one move in its increased focus to Disney+, along with the effects of COVID on in person musical events and consumers growing interested in more personalized musical experiences.

Founded in 1996 as a terrestrial radio station, By 2005, the station was available across 97 percent of the US and reaching 30 million listeners a week by 2009. It was in 2014 that the radio station shifted toward digital radio, selling off 23 of its local stations.

The first of its kind on American radio, this 88rising radio will focus on the music of multiple genres from counties such as South Korea, China, Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia,

Once COVID has been properly solved, SiriusXM says that the channel will also provide a platform for touring artists in this realm to visit and conduct interviews in addition to performing live at SiriusXM studios in Los Angeles and New York.

88rising’s CEO Sean Miyashiro has said of this collaboration that “[it] is a great indicator of where Asian music has come today. Just playing Asian music 24 hours a day is a huge win and a massive step forward.”

So, if this new and innovative radio station sounds like its something up your alley, check it out on SiriusXM channel 305

Musicians of the Week:

Warning Label - Tess Elena (IG - @tesselenamusic) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFuSCMXVJZE

My Disconnection - Feyer ft. Siege Spitfire (IG - @feyermusic) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vJzk4mPK7E

I’m Not Ready - Geena Kaye (IG - @geenakaye)


Loving Someone - Sam Addeo (IG - @samaddeoo)


The Lost Year - Kate Brunotts (IG - @katebrunotts)



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